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A scar, freckles, crooked teeth, a big nose, wide set eyes, the list goes on....

We define beauty for ourselves and hopefully you have the depth to explore beyond the physical and find it in everything and everyone you see!

Makeup can reflect culture, an era or your personal evolution. It can be symbolic and most importantly, it represents our own individual self expression! Beauty is truly in the eye's of the beholder and we have the choice to accept ourselves as we are. Flaws and all...

Working in the world of beauty, I meet different people everyday. The longer I am in this business, I grow stronger in my belief that self love and confidence trumps all! To me people feel the same about us as we feel about ourselves. It's a mirror neuron type of reaction. If you love you, then I love you. If you accept yourself and your flaws, then in return others will admire your acceptance

As a makeup artist and hairstylist, I work with all forms of beauty and styles. I personally look for unique features or what some would call "flaws". These characteristics add flavor to someone's physical appearance.

The fashion world is evolving!. I often see models with "unique" over "perfect" features and this is truly exceptional to take in. It's not a cliché belief, but a fact that our quest for beauty is a quest for happiness and joy. Let's not get it confused and put our quest for beauty above our quest for happiness. It's a inside job that puts us on the path of wellbeing.

We are embarking on a new season of beauty!

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