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A NEW COUNTRY, A NEW WORLD... My move from the US to Paris 

I moved to Paris in April of 2018 and it was a completely new world. I came looking forward to my new relationship and a new arena for business ventures. I was established in Los Angeles and San Diego as a makeup artist and hairstylist as well as a professional latin dancer. When I first came to Paris, I was excited to work with new people in a new place.

I reached out to several people in the beauty industry to introduce myself and to hopefully work together on collaborations. The outcome was that the right people answered back at the right times.

I've noticed that successful people are excellent communicators and they are open to new partnerships and seeing what could be possible in a new prospect.

Starting over in a new country after being established wasn't easy.

It was humbling, but it is totally worth it.

Starting a beauty business that strives for exceptional service has been my goal from the start.

My plan is to keep up my A game, growing from year to year and hopefully expanding my business.

I want to create new goals that include training new makeup artists and hairstylists for my beauty team.

Our industry needs more guidance in not only the artistic side, but the business side as well.

We have so much knowledge at our disposal and so much inspiration to share!

Two years later, I am happy to say that things fell into place and I am not only successful in work, but happy in love. :)


  Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Luxury | Fashion | Weddings | Production | Celebrities


       Paris, France | International


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