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How to choose a look based on what is best for YOU!

Updated: Feb 4

I am often asked if I have worked with difficult clients or bridezillas.The honest answer, is that it is very rare. I have been doing hair and makeup for almost 20 years and I have met so many inspiring, kind and beautiful human beings! There are infrequent times when a client is asking for something that isn't possible for them due to different features, skin type, hair length or texture. I do my best to explain why it's not possible and fortunately for me, its usually understood.

I can recall several times that I have had a idea of a beauty look that I had my heart set on for myself. When I presented this idea to my hairstylist, I was told, "sorry hun, this just won't work for you".

In the end the honesty is appreciated.

As a makeup artist and a hairstylist my clients vary from bridal, elopement photoshoots, fashion, editorial and production.

In the beauty industry, models and actors are very easy to work with because they are used to seeing theirselves in different looks and they trust that you know your job. This isn't the case for the everyday person who is accustomed to the same makeup and hairstyle.

My role in this is to give my clients exactly what they want while being honest with them about what might not work.

As a sensitive person who cares very much about my effect on people and if they are happy this can be a problematic if they are not able to explore other options.

Clients don't always understand that makeup for photography isn't the same as the style of makeup that you wear everyday. Pinterest and Instagram photos do not help this issue.

There is a huge non reality with images that are photoshopped and unfortunately most people do not understand that. It is the same with hairstyling. Sometimes a client won't understand that the person in the picture is wearing extensions, has a different haircut or hair texture. Once you explain and give them alternative options they usually understand.

J Lo's makeup artist put it perfectly when he said that his makeup looks heavy in person and amazing on camera.

It's part of my job to know how to give my clients what they want while catering to what is best suited for them as an individual.

At the end of the day I know the importance of looking and feeling your ultimate best and we have the same goal at heart!


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