in Paris

"Confidence is key.

And what is Boudoir if not the opportunity to go all out in the expression of your beauty !

The only thing to do is to let me know how you would like to see yourself."

Boudoir Portfolio : Why Kassaundra is the Boudoir Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist That You Need !

With multiple publications worldwide Kassaundra is a top choice and known for her expertise in makeup and hair for boudoir photo shoots in Paris, France .
There are so many options when it comes to creating a stunning look for your intimate boudoir photo shoot.

Whether you want to look fresh, natural, sensual, sexy, or vintage-inspired, I consult with you to achieve a
unique and personalized look and feel.

Boudoir Portfolio : Kassaundra is not only a makeup artist and a hair stylist, she is...

As a makeup artist Kassaundra will bring to you confidence as the key to your boudoir photoshoot.
The only thing you need to do is to
let her know how you would like to see yourself.
Your photographer and her will make the experience seamless and enjoyable.

After all,
boudoir is more than a theme it is an opportunity to reveal a side to yourself that is intimately yours.