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Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist and


in Paris

"There might never be another day

that garners more importance for looking and feeling your ultimate best.

Wedding Hair And Makeup For The Editorial Inspired Bride

 Glamorous and Chic ?
Natural Makeup and Sophisticated Hair ?
Luminous Skin With A Bold Lipstick ?


Kassaundra takes great pleasure in aiding her clients in choosing the hair and makeup choice that best suits them. As a lead artist for E Entertainment, she brings her Cannes Film Festival experience and adds Red Carpet glamour to each services.

She has mastered a glowing, sophisticated style, and she knows how to add drama without looking "over done"


Her personal beauty clients are diversified and their expectations vary.

Listed as one of the top 10 makeup and hair artists in France for not only her high level of skill and professionalism, but the candid and fun artist who gives nothing less than 100% to her clients

"There is a connection, not just in the service, but in the valuable time spent together." 

Refined In All Skin Tones, Types And Styles

Skin condition is of the utmost importance for a glowy and fresh look that nearly every bride requests. Each service begins with high end skin care treatments and mechanical tools to exfoliate the surface of the skin without causing irritation.


In the weeks and months before the wedding Kassaundra can guide you on how to best take care of your skin in preparation for your wedding hair and makeup. 

Each bride has different features, facial shape and coloring. All of these details are taken into account when the communication is started between Kassaundra and the bride.


It is very easy to get lost with all of the options for hair and makeup. For this reason it helps to have an expert guiding you in the direction that you feel most comfortable with. 


The best way to get started, is to set up a video call to discuss all of the details!

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