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Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist and


Kassaundra Stephens

Nominated best of Paris by Expatriates Magazine.

Top Rated Paris Asian Makeup Artist and

"Kassaundra brings to her work an expertise that can only be found
in those who genuinely love the work they create."


Juliette, Los Angeles,  California

Top Rated Paris Wedding Makeup Artist an

"We chose Kassaundra for an event featuring Google and Youtube's top influencers in the world.
We were very impressed with how she not only made the talent look radiant and fresh, but by how she helped us maintain a demanding schedule. She is talented and a professional in the highest degree."


Frances , Paris France

Top Rated Paris Makeup Artist and Hairst

"​I simply could not decide on what I wanted for my hair and makeup. She took the time to guide me with suggestions on what would look best for photos and what would be best suited for my personal style."


Geraldine, Paris France

Top Rated Wedding Paris Makeup Artist an

"Kassaundra knows how to enhance a woman's femininity.She has mastered a glowing, sophisticated style, and she knows how to add drama without looking "over done."


Elisabeth, Los Angeles, California

Top Rated Paris Makeup Artist and Hairst

"Kassaundra's attention to the smallest of details and her ability to create seamless skin makes her a favorite with celebrities, photographers and brides alike"


Leila, Beauty Agent, Paris

Top Rated Asian Makeup Artist and Hairst

"Kassaundra is the perfect choice for the woman who desires timeless romantic glamour and who wants to look unforgettably beautiful.
I deeply appreciate how reliable and punctual she was, making me feel at ease with every aspect of her services."


Carla, Paris, France

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