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Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist and


in Paris

"Being a celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist is so much more than a title,

it is an accolade of efforts and actions that come to those who strive to deliver first rate work

with precision and perfection."

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for high profile clients.

Sophia Bush - One Tree Hill, Law And Order
Wayne Brady - Wayne Brady's Show...
Erin Lim - NBC- E Entertainment Television
Kristin Dos Santos - E Entertainment
Marc Malkin - E Entertainment
Barbara Corcoran - Sharktank
Sibley Scoles - E News
James Ellis - Fitness Model Athlete

Jordan Murphy - CSI Miami
Paul Logan - Friends
Vicki Gunvalson - Real Housewives
Sophia Amoruso - Nasty Gal Vintage Designer
Jai Rodriguez - Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy

Milla Hermanovski - Project Runway

Chris Straub - Project Runway

Maria Kanellis - Celebrity Apprentice

Brandise Danesewich - Models of the Runway

Rick Chambers - KTLA 5 News

Celebrity Makeup Artist In Paris, France

As a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist, Kassaundra understands that being famous or high profile does not separate us.

There is an important level of integrity that needs to be executed in order to maintain privacy and rapport.

The demand for excellence is high and she is able to work with whatever changes or unlikely circumstances occur.

A key aspect to her talent which brings celebrities, agencies, producers and designers back for more is her ability to create striking looks in a short amount of time.

Celebrity Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist

It is important to remember that behind every show-stopping red carpet look there is a makeup artist who put major skill, time and effort into making the magic happen.

Kassaundra has trained and worked alongside Gina Brooke, Madonna's personal makeup artist.
She also stood alongside Tim Quinn, Armani's celebrity makeup artist.


She knows the demands of the job and she takes on the challenges with fierce determinationShe has been known to finish a look in the back seat of a car on the way to a celebrity interview.

Her creative talent is represented in Vogue editorial features, Cannes Film Festival red carpet, celebrity interviews, TV-ready appearances and major motion pictures.

She is a key artist for the
NBC Network and E Entertainment Television, covering the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions Festival and Comic-Con

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