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Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist and


Paris - France

"She listens first and brings forth her integrity with a keen eye for perfection."

Meet Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist
Meet Kassaundra Stephens - Makeup Artist

Meeting Kassaundra is More Than Meeting a Makeup Artist and a Hair Stylist...

When you meet Kassaundra, you can count on meeting a woman who is passionate about her work.
She is a professional talent who will show up with a smile on her face, ready to put you at ease with a good laugh and a new friendship.

Kassaundra , a True Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist !

Kassaundra has trained in medical skin aesthetics as well as color theory, which she believes is the foundation for creating an impeccable palette.
She prides herself on being
punctual and reliable so that your experience is optimized and on schedule.
When it comes to creating your look,
every application is specifically tailored to your personality, image, skin type, and style.

Kassaundra has proven her creativity through the art of makeup and hair with a career that spans over 2 decades.

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