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As a professional makeup artist and hairstylist based in Paris I serve a variety of clientele for Red Carpet, Fashion, and Luxury Weddings

Here are my recommendations to really set yourself up for looking your best!


Nothing I say here matters if you do not have self love and self confidence. I am in this with you!

"We live in a culture of scarcity, of never enough. There is only one way out of scarcity – and that is enoughness. At some point we need to say: I am enough.” -Brene Brown


Load up on key skin and hair vitamins like Omega 3's and 1000mg of biotin per day. Omega 3's helped me cure my hormonal acne. It also helps with dryness, stabilising hormones and skin suppleness.


Begin with a regimen that includes, retinols, glycolics and alpha hydroxy acids. Also, add in a intense moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to offset the dryness that can come from chemical exfoliation.

See a dermatologist to set you up on the right plan of exfoliation. It is the biggest came changer, but it must be done carefully. Especially, in the beginning.


Reduce sugar and alcohol as much a possible . Up your intake of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, drink loads of water! We all know by now that this is imperative for hydrated skin.


Get one hour of cardiovascular excerise daily. Yoga, Tango and Salsa dancing are 3 of my favorite cardio activities. Choose an activity that you love, this way you are giving your mind, body and spirit the love they all deserve.


Try to fit in 10 to 15 minutes of guided meditation 5 days a week. Everyone has their sleep sweet spot. Mine is 8 hours. I'm so dedicated to sleep that I stop eating all together after 7:30pm.

How does this pertain to your skin? The complaints I often hear from clients, is that they have not been sleeping well dues to stress, planning and preparing for a big event. The hormonal effects of stress definitely cause puffiness, inflammation and acne.


Listen to your skin when choosing the right cleanser. If it feels tight and drier, select a balm or oil cleanser that will not strip the moisture away from the surface of the skin. A oil cleanser and micellar water are the only two steps I take to clean my face. In my opinion Korean brands have the best formulas.


Serums contain more potent ingredients so you can get the biggest impact. For anti-aging effects, serums with Vitamin C are a godsend because this powerful ingredient boost collagen and elastin production, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For extreme moisture, look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

You should apply your serum of choice to clean, damp skin and massage it in until it is fully absorbed.


All that we have is this very moment and we will never have it again. Personally, I do not do well if I do not have a spiritual practice in place. Even after all of my dreams coming to fruition.

Knowing the difference between pure joy and the fleeting happiness that can come from achievements and material things. I am constantly reminded that joy and mental stability are a inside job and that nothing on the exterior can make you whole.

All the best,


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