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Kassaundra Stephens is a top rated Makeup artist and Hair stylist in Paris France. She is a lead artist for the E Entertainment Network and she offers her beauty expertise on how to best compliment darker complexions.


Purchasing makeup when you have darker skin can be tricky, since many makeup companies cater to lighter skin tones. Fear not! Dark skin has the advantage of pulling off a much greater range of colors.

Here are few of my tips to achieving a beautiful and sophisticated look.


Always apply a moisturizer on your face after you shower. It will absorb better while your skin is still wet.

If you have dry skin, you may want to use a liquid or cream foundation and avoid powders except for the T zone. For added hydration, you can mix a few drops of moisturizer into your foundation before you apply.


When shopping for foundation, swatch against your jawline or your chest.

Try researching which locally-available brands work best on darker skin to narrow down your choices.

You can also go to a local beauty supply store or the makeup counter at a department store and ask for help there. They often have skilled makeup artists who might be better able to find the perfect color match.

Here are the top rated foundations for dark complexions.

1. Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation

2. Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

3. Smith & Cult Veiled Threat Weightless Micro-Blurring Foundation

4. Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

5. Fenty Beauty Longwear Foundation

You should make sure the foundation you're thinking about buying is perfect in all lights, not just under the ones in the store. Try shopping without foundation or concealer on your face when trying out new foundations. Go outside and use a hand mirror to make sure the product blends in perfectly in the sun.


If you have dark under eye circles, you may want to take extra care to cover them, as an even skin tone will give you a more youthful, vibrant look. Pick a concealer that is the same shade as your natural skin tone or one shade lighter. It should have a warmer, orange undertone.

Orange concealer is applied the same way as conventional concealer and helps make under eye circles disappear. In addition, it is a great all-around color corrector for blemishes on darker skin.


Use bold blushes. Many blushes that look too bright to be used in everyday makeup on lighter skin actually blend beautifully into darker skin. Bright oranges are especially great for adding a touch of color to your cheeks if you have warm undertones. More subdued colors like rose and coral also complement darker skin nicely. These are great choices for daytime looks.

For nighttime makeup, consider using deep, rich colors like plum, wine, and bronze. Bronze blush is particularly great for creating a healthy glow. Avoid neutral browns and beiges. These tend to make already brown skin look dull.


Choose vibrant hues of your favorite shades. The best colors for dark skin are highly pigmented. Try bright reds when you want to look glamorous. While much more bold and adventurous than burgundy, bright reds also pair well with dark skin. Orangey "fire" red shades are great for bold daytime makeup. Use cooler and more neutral bold reds for a dramatic nighttime look.

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I hope you find a few useful tools and tips to enhance your complexion.


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