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Travel and a celebration of unity..

What do you get when you put two of the most significant life experiences together?


Until my wedding last year, I truly had no idea of how sentimental and profound one event could be.


Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger Makeup And Hair by Kassaundra Stephens

As an American living in France with my Frenchie husband, destination weddings have become a new facet of my business as Makeup and Hair services for destination weddings is very popular in Europe.

It may seem to some that it would be difficult to plan a wedding in a far off place, but today many wedding planners specialize specifically in destination weddings.

Case and point!

January, just a few weeks before our lives were tremendously affected by the Coronavirus, myself and several wedding vendors from Paris ventured off to Venice to prepare for a bridal editorial photo shoot.

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger

Venice is one of the most in demand locations for destination weddings. As a Makeup and Hair Artist this was my second time beautifying a bride in this idyllic paradise which offers a backdrop to the most picturesque scenery for a destination wedding.

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger Makeup And Hair by Kassaundra Stephens

There are splendid churches, grand palaces converted into hotels, pretty villas, exotic gardens, or exquisite terraces providing incredible views over the Venetian Lagoon.


But if you really want to make your exchange of vows extraordinary and special, get married on the terrace of the Gritti palace

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger

Simply the most gandiose view on the island. It's the perfect place to hold your ceremony not only for the view, but you can stay at the hotel with or in close proximity to your guests.

Have your planner take care of all of the fine details so, you and your lover can walk along the historical streets or discover the canals on a gondola. You can explore ancient buildings and find many hidden gems in this historic city. Watch families bonding in St. Mark’s Square while you gaze at the beautiful sunset. Look inside the ancient Palace for a traditional Venetian look: admire the façade adorned with sculptures, the 14th-century arch-shaped windows and arcades on the ground floor. There are terraces overlooking the Grand Canal, with oversized windows and endless lit up salons decorated with precious tapestries and classical paintings. Dancing in the palace with the love of your life..... That's AMORE!!

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger Makeup And Hair by Kassaundra Stephens

If you are dreaming of a destination wedding in Venice, just know that it will be so much more than a glorified vacation. It's an opportunity to share your love with the people you choose in a magical place. It's a gift you give yourselves as well as anyone else who has the great honor of sharing this experience with you.

If you need beauty services or top vendor referrals, then please reach out and I would love to point you in the right direction.

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger Makeup And Hair by Kassaundra Stephens

Photographer : Jeremy Froeliger @jeremy.froeliger Makeup And Hair by Kassaundra Stephens

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