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It's a dream come true to have a photo shoot at a scenic destination far away.

Now that we are 100% in a digital age, one of our greatest acts of sharing is through visuals. Our trips around the world, experiences of a lifetime and our precious moments can be shared with one click.

As a makeup artist and hair stylist in Paris France, I receive a high volume of requests from people who are coming to Paris for a photo shoot.

Photo by: Studio A Makeup And Hair By: Kassaundra Stephens

Who doesn't want a spectacular photo taken in one of the most iconic cities in the world?

Once you have decided to take the jump and you have booked your photographer.

Then comes all of the little details like...


I recommend wearing a bold color that best suits your skin tone and hair color.

Vibrant colors really add dimension and beauty to the photos. Try to stick to a solid color that also compliments the shades that your partner is wearing.

Use Pinterest for fashion ideas and inspiration.


Good question!

Having your hair and makeup done by a professional will make a huge difference in the way your photos turn out.

Not only that, it will give you confidence in front of the camera which is crucial to having your photos turn out the way you want.

Makeup for photography is different compared to every day makeup. You want your makeup to last through your photo session and you want it to look radiant and fresh despite the outdoor weather conditions.

Application, technique and high quality products are key!

Photo by Jeremy Froeliger

Makeup, Hair and Men's Grooming by Kassaundra Stephens

I usually have a call with my clients a few days before their photo shoot, so we can discuss what they are wearing and the style of hair and makeup that they would like.

I am more than happy to give suggestions, as I know it can be difficult deciding for yourself. I recommend sending me three to five photos of yourself as well as, inspiration makeup and hair styles that you gravitate towards.

And finally a photo of what you will be wearing. This allows us to come up with the look before you set off for your trip. It also prevents you from packing unnecessary items.

For wedding and bridal shoots, it really is best to have a trial session before. This way you can preview the hair and makeup and make any necessary changes.

For hair styles it's important to first choose your preference between down or up. If you want your hair up then think about whether you want something tight and contained for a extra sophisticated look or something loose and voluminous.

It's really a personal preference and if you cannot fit in a trial session then try sampling the style on your own just to get the idea of what it would look like.

If you want to wear your hair down then go for something with a glamour wave or half up and half down. This way if it is a windy day, your hair will move naturally and wont get tangled.

Also, hair accessories really add a special touch to the overall look.

If you are looking for more guidance on how to prepare for your wedding or upcoming event, you can view my blog posts or find photo inspiration in my portfolio albums here on my website.

To book appointments, please see the contact page.

Best wishes,

Kassaundra Stephens

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